about me

I am a Software Engineer @ BrandJaws, based in Lahore, Pakistan. My main resposibilities here include handling client communication, project management and training.

Recently, I had an opportunity to be a co-author in Your First Year in Code. I wrote a chapter about workplace toxicity and how to deal with it. You can read the discussion that encourage me to write about it here on Dev.to.

Before that I worked at Arrivy, Inc. as a React Developer.

What I use?

Ubuntu has been my choice of daily driver for about 5 years. Over the past few years I've grown used to WebStorm and PhpStorm. Fira Code is the font of choice and I love ZSH themes.

resume open to opportunities

I am not actively looking for any job these days, but I am open to offers. the resume might not look great and that's because it isn't. I exported if off of StackOverflow Developer Story.

download resume


If you wanna say hello or discuss a project, reach out to me at hello[@]arslanaslam[dot]me