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New Site, Who Dis?

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Hello, World!

It's been very long since I have updated my website. The previous version was just a basic HTML page that I set up in 10 minutes and put up to show atleast something when sombody lands here (which is very rare on it's own lol).

In the past few months, I've tried to create a new website from scratch for a couple of times, but I always ended up abondoning the project somewhere in-between for a number of reasons. This one, however, is a Next.JS starter theme. I saw it land in one of the newsletter and I absolutely loved it. And here we are. It's ready and launched.

I didn't really do any modifications either, except just updating the site information etc and default colors. The body font is same as well, the font used for heading is Playfair Display.

I don't expect to be publishing stuff here regularly, but maybe I will publich some stuff every now and then. Let's see how it goes.

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