Enable fractional scaling on Ubuntu 17.10 GNOME

If you know me personally, you might know as well how much I love Linux and read about upcoming stuff and current issues (although I don’t contribute very much). With the latest release of Ubuntu 17.10 with GNOME 3.6 as default session, many questions arose. Among them, the most discussed topic is the settings for fractional scaling on GNOME.

So, to find out the truth, I set out to try 17.10 myself.

On my resolutions the windows were scaling out of the display port while in forums and other communities, people with HiDPI displays were complaining for the UI being way to small.

After reading out some big-boys’ discussions on forums, I found out the experimental fractional scaling in GNOME 3.6 could be a solution.

Here’s how you can enable the fractional scaling in Ubuntu 17.10 GNOME 3.6:

gsettings set org.gnome.mutter experimental-features "['scale-monitor-framebuffer']"

Now, open up the display settings by either clicking on ‘Activities’ on top left corner and searching for display settings or by going Settings > Devices > Displays. You’ll see a number of scaling options in the scale section.

enable fractional scaling in ubuntu 17.10 gnome session

Remember: This setting is only experimental, so not available by default and can only be turned on/used in Wayland.

Source: omgubuntu.co.uk, fossbytes.com