Hire Me, a Senior JavaScript Developer...

...with over 9+ years of proven experience working in IT industry as a Software Engineer.

If you're here, I assume you are interested in working with me. Let's hear about me first; I have over 9+ years of experience working in the IT industry as a Software Engineer. I have worked on eCommerce websites, mobile applications, health industry, fintech, wrok-force management industry, mortgage and insurance industry.

For the past few months, I've been working full-time as a Principal Software Engineer in Health sector. Previously, I have had experience working with Silicon Valley startups, industry giants, educational institutions and many more small and big companies.

If you'd like to get an idea of what I can do for you, take a look at my skillset below:

LanguagesJavascript, PHP
Client-Side TechnologiesReactJS, AngularJS, VueJS, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, SCSS, RxJS, NGRX, Redux, Redux Sagas, Redux Saga, axios
Native / Hybrid MobileReact-Native, Ionic
ArchitectureOO Design, Design Systems, MicroServices, MVC, MVVM, MVW
Server-Side TechnologiesExpressJS, NodeJS
SDLC MethodologiesAgile/Scrum
CSS FrameworksAngular Material, Ant Design, Material UI, Bootstrap, Blueprint, Tailwind
RDBMSMySQL, Firebase Firestore
Build ToolsNPM, Yarn, Webpack, Docker
Operating SystemsMac, Linux, Windows
Cloud/DevOpsDigitalOcean, Google Cloud (Computer Enginer, Maps API), AWS (EC2, S3, Amplify, SES, Workmail, Codebuild, CodePipeline, API Gateway, Lambda)
CI/CDAWS Amplify, Netlify, Vercel, GitLab CI/CD

How it's going to work? Pretty Simple

Step 1 - Initial Call

We'll setup an intial call and discuss your project. This is where I understand what you have been working on and you let me know what you are looking for. This stage also includes some basic requirement gathering as well.

Step 2 - Contract Details

This is where we discuss how the project will be moved forward with my input, type of billing, hourly rates/project budget and any additional requirements.

Step 3 - KickOff

After everything has been finalized, I start working on the project. Regular (weekly/bi-weekly) meetings are scheduled to report on the progress of the project and you get to see your dream turn into reality -- while I make money!

Take a look at my LinkedIn profile to learn more about my experience.